John Raimondi is a contemporary American sculptor of international distinction and renown. He is celebrated and collected as a creator and builder of monumental works that are solid in form and fluid in movement.

Raimondi has completed more than 100 monumental sculptures for public, corporate and private collections worldwide. The work consists of a wide variety of styles that range from the strong angular lines and planes of his early Geometric Minimalism Series, to the graceful organic forms and inspirational themes in his Environmental and Figurative Abstraction Series, to the romantic abstraction of his Jazz Series. His current work, incorporating the myths and iconography of Native American Indians, uses the tension created by sweeping lines to evoke the courage and tragedy of a proud and noble people.


What all these series have in common is Raimondi’s classical sense of design and craftsmanship, an aesthetic developed while studying at the Portland School of Fine & Applied Art (now the Maine College of Art), Massachusetts College of Art and Harvard University.


Raimondi’s creative process involves sketching ideas for each sculpture and then translating these drawings into cardboard models that become templates for larger scale models. Unlike many sculptors, Raimondi's works are not cast in molten bronze, but rather formed, rolled and welded — fabricated into shape from large sheets of bronze. The resulting sculptures are both monumental and elegant, solid and ethereal.


Raimondi lives and works in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.





I am delighted to say I have the same

enthusiasm and energy for my sculptural

projects today as I did forty two years ago when I began. I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy the process of making and sharing it.


           —  John

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